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mobster n : a criminal who is a member of gang [syn: gangster]

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  1. a member of a criminal gang

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"Mobster" is a slang term for a person who participates in organized crime, which is known as belonging to "the Mob". In western stories and movies, cowboys as mobsters are known as outlaws. Terrorists at times can also be called mobsters as well, since many terrorist organizations are well-organized. Given that many outlaw biker groups, such as, the Hells Angels and the Bandidos were well-organized as well, they're believed to be part of the Mob also. Therefore, there are three types of mobsters included. People who participate in a riot or a violent protest may be, as well, classified as mobsters by some people, even though they are not gangsters or terrorists. This is very likely due to the protesters' destructive behaviors when they protest. Mobster is a terminology derived from Latin and Aramaic. The word mobi means large gathering in Aramaic, and similarly, mob in Latin means crowd. The full term mobster means member of a crowd.

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